Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What are we gonna do??

What are we gonna do this summer? I WANNA KNOW!! I hope we can go to Bostan (hehe that's how my friend spells Boston) or you guys can come to New York again :) I wanna know how to make bracelets with letters. I'm hoping when they learn they can teach me *cough cough* Tiffany *cough* just saying. I just typed my friends a looooong email just for fun!! It was very fun to type and it reminded me of that contest going on between everyone...hey who won? I bet someone did! I really want to go to Massachusetts because a long time ago when i came over i left something at your guys made pencils for us or something? and we left like a notebook and those pencils or whatever you gave us. I remember you guys have a bathroom that connects your rooms!!! I love those! They're SOOOO cool! And i remember eating Captain Crunch at you house once for cereal and I remember seeing your dad drinking out of a mug. I don't know why, but i do. ohmygosh i also don't remember. I haven't been to your house in like 4 years!!!!! I barely remember what you guys look like! just kidding :) :O should i bring cake mania? *cough cough* tiffany *cough* Hmmmm... what should i type now? This is probably the longest post i ever typed. I'll type to you in pig latin:
ihay uysgay! Oday ouyyay nowkay owhay otay eadray igpay atinlay? esidesbay indycay. Sn'tiyay histay unfay otay eadray? (otnay eallyray fiyay ouyyay don't nowkay owhay otay eadray igpay atinlay) Koyay lliyay topsay ritingway niyay igpay atinlay!

Translation: Hi guys! Do you know how to read pig latin? Besides Cindy. Isn't this fun to read? (not really if you don't know how to read pig latin) Ok i'll stop writing in pig latin!

1.take any word and put the first letter as the last
2.if the first letter's a vowel, put "yay" at the end

simple! Now comment saying something in pig latin!



  1. iyay houghtay ouyay idn'tday ikelay onglay ostspay! lol yeah i think i remember you leaving a journal here. but i thought i gave it back?

  2. ellway tiyay asn'tway hattay onglay! otnay sayay onglay sayay veryoneeyay lse'seyay onglay ostspay!